All your people should play a part in your purpose

Strategic planning is a very important element of our in-depth design thinking model and consulting service, a business facet that organizations struggle with.

The strategic plan serves as a powerful and a dynamic representation of an organization's vision, serving as the roadmap to drive change and transformation. It's more than just a document; it's a dynamic tool that outlines the organization's goals, priorities, and action steps needed to achieve its long-term objectives.

The strategic plan serves as a catalyst for change, identifying areas for improvement, setting ambitious targets, and charting a course towards a more sustainable and successful future. 

Our goal is to guide and advice you in the design your strategy and an agile action plan that enables the execution of the strategy toward building a brighter future of the organization.

We take a more precise approach to your people decisions

When it comes to reimagining organizational strategy, there's many aspects to consider. We specialize in driving change by establishing the necessary organizational structures, communication, refining processes, and nurturing your workforce. 


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Build a high-performing executive team

If you’re a CEO, you need to build the right top team to drive performance and speed up transformation. We help you:

  • Clarify (and sometimes change) the work of the team
  • Get the best out of your leaders
  • Enable them to deliver on your strategy

Align your structure to drive your strategy

In order to execute your business strategy effectively, it's crucial to have an organizational structure that is in harmony with your purpose, culture, and operating model. We specialize in assisting you with the following:

  1. Aligning your leadership team with your vision: We work closely with your leadership team to ensure that everyone is on the same page and moving in the same direction towards your overarching vision.
  2. Identifying necessary organizational capabilities: We help you pinpoint the specific skills and resources your organization requires to successfully implement your strategy.
  3. Bridging the gap between current and desired state: By analyzing your current organizational setup, we identify areas where improvements are needed to bring your organization closer to its strategic objectives.
  4. Translating strategy into action: We assist you in translating your strategic vision into tangible operating models, processes, and organizational structures, all of which are grounded in your organization's purpose and cultural values.
  5. Creating a practical implementation plan: Our team works with you to develop a detailed and actionable plan for implementing necessary changes within your organization, ensuring that your strategic goals are achieved effectively and efficiently.

Design, analyze and measure work to improve organizational effectiveness

Having the appropriate individuals in suitable positions, engaged in relevant tasks, is essential for organizational success. Our assistance includes:

  1. Work assessment and skill gap analysis: We expedite the process of comprehending your current workload, identifying potential future tasks, and recognizing skill deficiencies.
  2. Work and Career Architectures: We aid in categorizing and structuring your workload to create coherent Work & Career Architectures.
  3. Career pathing solutions: Our services establish connections between job roles and talent, facilitating effective career pathing within your organization.
  4. Stretch requirements analysis: We help you discern the proficiency gaps between traditional roles and those anticipated in the future, ensuring smooth transitions.
  5. Pay level organization: We assist in arranging tasks into appropriate pay levels, promoting pay equity and optimizing pay costs.

Develop a people strategy and HR team that gives you a competitive edge

Our aim is to synchronize your people strategy with your business strategy while enhancing your HR capabilities for effective execution. Our assistance includes:

Strategic People Strategy Development: We collaborate with you to craft people strategies that seamlessly integrate with your business objectives, ensuring adaptability in uncertain times.

Performance Management Future-Proofing: We help fortify your performance management processes, making them resilient to future changes and challenges.

Engaging Employee Experience: Our focus extends to creating a stimulating employee experience that balances performance objectives with employee well-being, fostering a supportive and productive work environment.

Strategic HR Function Design: We assist in designing a strategic HR function that acts as a catalyst for business transformation, driving organizational change and growth.

Transform your organization’s culture to deliver business results

Our mission is to foster an organizational mindset aligned with your purpose and objectives, propelling progress rather than hindering it. Our services include: 

  • Culture Definition: We assist in defining the cultural attributes necessary for attaining your organizational objectives, ensuring alignment between values and goals. 
  • Leadership Change Catalyst: We inspire leadership transformation and provide the necessary conditions for leaders to thrive in their roles, driving organizational success. 
  • Mindset-Shifting Experiences: Our team designs immersive experiences that challenge existing mindsets and ignite a desire for innovative approaches, encouraging a culture of adaptability and creativity. 
  • Structure, Systems, and Process Alignment: We work to align organizational structure, systems, and processes to facilitate change implementation and ensure its sustainability over time. 

Make organizational change happen

Beyond initiating new behaviors, it's vital to maintain them over time. Our change management specialists collaborate with you to:

Assess Change Requirements: We conduct thorough assessments to identify your organization's change needs accurately.

Develop Change Strategy and Governance: Our team constructs a comprehensive strategy, plan, and governance framework to facilitate and oversee the change process effectively.

Craft and Deliver Change Communications: We design and execute targeted communications and internal campaigns to effectively communicate change objectives and foster buy-in across the organization.

Inspire Behavioral Change: We inspire and empower individuals within your organization to embrace and enact behavioral changes essential for the success of the initiative.

Enhance Organizational Change Capability: We work to build your organization's capacity to manage change effectively, equipping your teams with the skills and tools necessary to navigate future transitions.

Monitor and Evaluate Progress: We establish mechanisms to track and measure the results of the change effort, allowing for ongoing assessment and refinement to ensure its success.