Change should happen with your people, not to them

The business landscape is changing at a rapid pace, change is a constant force that organizations must navigate. It becomes imperative for businesses to enhance their capacity for change management. Myria emphasizes the significance of organic change management with the involvement of the impacted individuals, a methodology that integrates change seamlessly into the fabric of the organization. 

Myria's approach to change management ensures a smoother transition and it also nurtures a culture of adaptability and resilience within the organization. By incorporating an inclusive approach that involves the potential impacted individuals, organizations can navigate change more effectively, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and position themselves for sustained success in this rapidly evolving business landscape. 

How we help you

To support organizations in enhancing their change management capacity, Myria commits to providing the necessary tools and training. These resources are designed to empower leaders and teams to execute change management effectively, ensuring that the organization remains flexible and responsive to evolving circumstances. From communication strategies to stakeholder engagement techniques, Myria's approach is comprehensive and tailored to the unique needs of your organization.

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Understanding your change needs

We draw on a range of assessments to understand how best to deliver change within your organization:

  • Change Management Maturity Assessment​
  • Change Impact Assessment​
  • Top Team Performance Assessment​
  • Organizational Culture Assessment​
  • Organizational Networking Analysis​
  • Training Needs Assessment​

Making transformation happen

We know all the levers to pull to help your change run right. That might include:

  • Change strategy and planning​
  • Change governance​
  • Change capability development​
  • Change toolkits and methods ​
  • Employee behavior change ​
  • Change communications and internal campaigns​
  • Change tracking and measures 

Building your change capability

We don’t just do it for you; we also build your change muscles along the way. For example, we might run our:

  • Leading Change Accelerator ​
  • Managing Change Workshop ​
  • Change Management Simulation​
  • Leading Virtually Accelerator ​
  • Activating Personal Agility Accelerator ​
  • Coaching Accelerator ​