A structured process for driving organizational change

The Myria 3-Phase Process is one of the three main components of the Myria Methodology, in addition to the MCT Model and the ADKAR Model. While the ADKAR Model enables successful change at the individual level, the Myria 3-Phase Process provides a framework for achieving change at the organizational level.

Through this organizational change management process, change practitioners work through three phases (Phase 1– Prepare Approach, Phase 2 – Manage Change, Phase 3 – Sustain Outcomes) to achieve successful project outcomes.

Each phase is broken down into three stages, and each stage includes important activities to support the success of a change initiative. Although the Prosci 3-Phase Process is structured, it is also adaptable and scalable to fit the needs of any organization or change initiative.

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Phase 1 – Prepare Approach

Change Management 3-Phase Process - Phase 1

The first phase of the Prosci 3-Phase Process supports change and project teams in developing their change management strategy, and with the end in mind. The activities in this phase help practitioners develop a customized and comprehensive approach that positions their change for success. The three stages in Phase 1 – Prepare Approach include:

  • Define Success – Practitioners establish precisely what they are trying to achieve, with activities such as developing a detailed change profile and defining what success on the project looks like
  • Define Impact – This stage focuses on how the change impacts individuals, using activities that include identifying impacted groups and defining adoption and usage
  • Define Approach – Here, practitioners consider what steps they will need to take to achieve project success, engaging in activities such as assessing risk, identifying potential resistance, and establishing required roles