Organization Design | Organization Strategy

Without the right organization design, your strategy is just a wish list

Organization design defines clear roles and processes; letting your people do their best work with more accountability and buy-in—but less wasted effort. It builds an inclusive workplace where your teams pull together. And most of all, it makes you more nimble—ready to change when your market and customers call for it.

Business today is too unpredictable to rely on lines and boxes. You need a blueprint that’s built on your organization’s health as it stands: your purpose, culture and operating model. But you should also focus on the future: what skills will you need to get ahead tomorrow?

We understand all these parts of the organization design. So yes, we can get your teams bought in to your strategy and structure. But beyond that, we know how to turn this buy-in into action — and truly change people’s ways of working.

How we help you

Our organizational design experts take your business strategy and translate it into a list of what you need to succeed. This list helps us create your new operating framework and organizational design. Then, it’s time to make the change happen. 

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First, your leadership team needs to be aligned

  • We get your executive team on the same page when it comes to your strategic direction, priorities and purpose 
  • We build this team as we go so they’ll be able to adapt as new challenges emerge

Then we spot the gaps

  • By combining your data with our benchmarks, we pinpoint where your organization is today and where it needs to be tomorrow
  • We analyze your whole structure: spans, layers, job architecture, reporting lines, and people costs
  • Using our organization analysis and mapping tools and network analysis, we see where work is getting done
  • We analyze your leaders and engagement to understand how you’re communicating with your people
  • All in all, you get an outside-in look at how your organization measures up against everyone else

Next, we design the organization you want to be

  • At this stage, we turn your strategic priorities into an operating model, organizational structure, and set of governance processes
  • Then we build a structure to let people stay on their toes; ready to shift their approach whenever they need to

Then we roll it all out

  • We turn ideas into action using our experience in behavior change
  • We create a practical action plan for the changes 
  • Finally, we win people’s hearts and minds to make sure it all sticks