In-depth design thinking complete framework  

The idea 

The first thought of the in-depth thinking model was to help entrepreneurs and start-ups reach their full business potential through continuous thinking, forward thinking and innovation before their product or business becomes obsolete.  That thought through years of people feedback, research, and our own reflection became a framework that anyone can apply in any type of organization, at all levels and functions.  

Our model can be used as a design thinking model that focuses on understanding people’s real needs to create human-centered products, services, and processes, and can also be used as a system thinking model that consider whole systems in its entirety and anywhere in between. Whatever you do, the in-depth design thinking framework will be used the same way but will come up with specific solutions for specific challenges 

Organizational design  

 Design thinking will help create products and services for customers, but you need an organizational structure to support the creation of products and services and to provide support to customers; that’s when the complete in-depth design thinking framework comes into play. 

You must design an structure that is efficient, flexible, scalable, and dynamic to help transform the good ideas to quick decision making, action planning, project launching and implementation at all levels.  

We’re looking at designing the structure that is the most efficient for your organization; to help utilizing all the talents, creativity, and skills that will help unleash all the creative power that lies within the organization to help in the fulfillment of its mission and the achievement of its goals. 

Processes, Communication, Technology

The designing involves efficient and agile business processes supported by the right technology to answer quickly to clients’ request as well as the needs and changes imposed by the organisation or the industry.  All recurrent tasks, activites, and requests must be documented and communicated easily accessible, so that all employees can be autonomus and can respond to clients’ request.  

The Model 

In the ever-evolving landscape of business and organizational development, having a reliable and adaptable model to guide the journey from conception to realization is crucial. Our in-depth thinking methodology, aptly named VOSPIRA (Vision, Objectives, Strategy, Planning, Implementation, Revaluation, and Adjustments), is designed to seamlessly integrate into various facets of an organization, offering invaluable support for product development, project planning, and overall organizational growth.  customer experience, marketing,... 

The Vision

VOSPIRA serves as a dynamic roadmap, taking organizations through a systematic process that begins with the articulation of a compelling vision. This vision, based on the intended purpose and mission of your business idea, becomes the cornerstone upon which the next stages are built, creating a cohesive and strategic framework. By breaking down the journey into key components, you translate your vision into projects. 

which are opportunities to our model ensures a thorough and well-thought-out approach to achieving important objectives. 


What are Business Objectives? 

Your vision must be translated into business objectives that are clear, concise, and achievable goals that are aligned with the purpose that defines your company and the organization you want to build. Breaking down overarching goals into manageable tasks, fostering a sense of purpose.  

Objectives are important because they provide focus and direction for partners, employees and the whole organization. They help prioritize resources and efforts and enable measurement of progress and success. Through this process, you can align the efforts of your team members, ensuring everyone is working collaboratively toward shared objectives.  

Strategy, planning 

Once your objectives are set, it becomes important to set your strategy. Strategy touches every employee and serves as an actionable way to reach your company’s goals and specific objectives. 

Strategic planning is the ongoing organizational process of using available knowledge to document a business's intended direction. This process is used to prioritize efforts, effectively allocate resources, align stakeholders and employees on the organization’s goals. Strategic planning creates a single, forward-focused vision that can align your company and its employees and partners. By making everyone aware of your company’s goals, how and why those goals were chosen, and what they can do to help reach them, you can create an increased sense of responsibility throughout your organization. 


After converting the vision into projects, strategic planning has highlighted how goals will be met; processes are designed; you will be able to execute the implementation of your projects. 

Reevaluation and Adjustments

No journey is without its challenges, and our model recognizes the importance of continuous evaluation. Regularly assess your progress, identify areas for improvement, and make necessary adjustments. This iterative process allows your organization to stay agile, responsive, and resilient in the face of evolving circumstances 

Our in-depth design thinking is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it's a dynamic and flexible framework that evolves with your organization. Whether you are a startup with ambitious growth possibilities and ambitions or an established enterprise seeking efficiency and innovation, VOSPIRA is designed to empower individuals within your organization to collectively achieve its full potential 

By embracing our model, your organization can not only meet its objectives but also foster a culture of adaptability, collaboration, and continuous improvement. VOSPIRA is more than just a model; it's a transformative approach to organizational development that propels you towards fulfilling your purpose and mission.